Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monkey - SOLD

Commissioned. Framed, signed, painted with tempra paint, SOLD.


CubSctAnn said...

FANTASTIC LOOKIN' MONKEY COOPER! Brother Bach sure hopes it's the One he special ordered! it's going up right in the office by his desk!

Becky said...

beautiful job coops! love the monkey. what's on your easel now? can't wait to see!!

cubsctann said...


I was just looking at your Blog, wow that is a great looking Monkey picture. Whoever bought that one, got a real piece of artwork by the great master.

Rembrandt, Salvador Dali or Monet would have been proud to have painted such a fine Monkey.

Heyyyy, that’s My monkey painting. I’m the lucky person.

BIG THANKS Cooper and thanks for having us at your baptism.

Bro. Bach