Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zebra's Hide 'n Go Seek

This is painted with tempra paint. Signed by the artist, unframed, $3.00 (Can you find the lion?).

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CubSctAnn said...


Sis. Bach and I have been trying to figure out how to order pictures online.

We would love to commission a beautiful Cooper original of the Boston Temple. Sis. Bach says 8½ x 11 inches. We can put it in our living roon over our piano.

Bro. Bach would like to commission a Cooper painting of Monkeys. That’s the only request I have for the fine artist, Monkeys. As many or as few, as big or small as you want.

Did I tell you when I was about your age I had a pet monkey? I had monkey pajamas and monkey curtains that my mom had made for me. I could climb a tree like a monkey and absolutely loved monkeys. My monkey’s name was Mona, I had seen an old movie of a family lost in outer space and they had a pet monkey named Mona.

Their Mona loved the family and was so cute. My Mona loved to eat and bite and poop on the curtains in the house. Somehow I just never got her trained like the one in the movie. As an 8 year old I didn’t mind the pooping, but the biting was not much fun. I think for my mother, both habits where not that popular. When you pulled the refrigerator out at my house you never knew what you would find, but it wasn’t going to be pretty.

We miss you bunches and will see you soon

Bro. Bach